Shanti Shahani – Communications Director

Shanti Shahani joined Globe Aware early 2012 and has a professional background in the fields of Marketing, Non Profit work and Communication. She was born in Monterrey, Mexico, and her family is multicultural (Dad is from India, Mom is from Mexico, husband is half Russian and she has family all over the world, including Australia!).

Shanti studied Communication Sciences at Monterrey Tech in Mexico and is fluent in Spanish (even the slang). Even though she took several years of French, she cannot speak a word. She has traveled extensively since she was 1 year old and has visited the Antilles, Caribbean, Thailand, India, Honduras, Belize, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Turkey and many other places, but weirdly enough has never been south of the Equator!

She is passionate about her job and thrilled to be working for Globe Aware. She lives in Dallas with her husband, Ian, and their son, Andrei, who they are raising to be bilingual, say please and thank you and eat his vegetables.

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