Located in the Middle of the World, Ecuador is a stunningly beautiful country full of interesting places to visit. With a fantastic climate and breathtaking landscapes, the essence of Latin America merged to create a unique and unforgettable destination. Ecuador is a paradise full of astonishing natural attractions. Ecuador has it all: snow-capped volcanoes, plunging valleys, majestic mountains, breathtaking gardens, green valleys bathed by cascading waterfalls, beautiful colonial architecture, monasteries, Indian markets, and little villages lost in the Andes. The culture is just as varied as the landscape, with traditional Native Incan, African, and European colonial influences that combine to create uniquely Ecuadorian cultural traditions. Its people are very friendly and hospitable making the cities full of life and culture. Our volunteers will be based in the historic capital city of Quito. Quito has one of the largest, least altered and best preserved historic centers in all of the Americas. It was also one of the very first World Cultural Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO.


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