Our experience was so wonderful

Our experience there was so wonderful between the work that we did and the various other experiences that we had, that we were thrilled. It was the first trip for our granddaughter out of the country and she loved every moment.

We have been lucky enough to have been in a number of different cultures, so that change in how we view our own culture happened a long time ago. But for our granddaughter, it certainly was an eye opening experience. I think she now has a different view of other cultures and I also think she understands more now about the value of less trappings. But that is just what I observed while with her during our time together.

This was probably one of the best trips we have taken. We have done a number of volunteer trips as well as those with active tour groups. We thoroughly enjoyed being directly involved with the people in the community. They are wonderfully kind and welcoming. Gilda is the most incredible coordinator. She is very well organized, very caring and fun to be with! She thinks of everything. Our time with her couldn't have been better. Mario, too, is wonderful. He is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Our work was well explained and he worked right along with us. We are very impressed with their commitment to the program and the enthusiasm with which they carried out their responsibilities. - Michelle Maloney, March 2012

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