Special Note About Thailand Program

This is the only Globe Aware program that has an age requirement. Due to safety reasons, volunteers must be 16 years old and accompanied by an adult to participate.

Thailand Facts

Visas: Bureaucratic hassles will be your first problem in getting a visa - expect delays of five days or more; Bangkok is the best place to get one. It's usually best to get your visas through a travel agency. Expense is the other problem; tourist visas valid for a single 30-day stay cost about US$40 in Bangkok.
Health risks : Dengue fever, hepatitis, malaria, rabies (if in the country for a month or more), typhoid and tuberculosis (if staying with locals in a high risk area for a few months or more)
Electricity: 220V and 50Hz, but 110V (also with 50Hz) may be encountered
Weights & measures: Metric with local variations.

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