The Road Less Traveled Rainforest Village Experience

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In Globe Aware’s El Sur program, volunteers have the opportunity to assist villagers whose farmland has recently been taken over to create the spectacular Carara Rainforest Reserve. The villagers hope to create sustainable community-based tourism, and Globe Aware volunteers will help by completing projects such as building suspension bridges, painting schools, constructing recycling stations, and building systems to help bring clean water into the community. For fun, volunteers can enjoy hiking in the rainforest, horseback riding, coffee tasting, and learning about cheese making and traditional sugar cane processing. Accommodations include comfortable, recently constructed cabinas with Western-style bathrooms and showers (not including heated water) and limited electricity. Take this trip to Costa Rica and join in on providing sustainability and opportunity for one of the friendliest communities you’ll ever encounter!  Click here for more information on our Rainforest Village Experience
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