Email Fundraising Campaign

Email Fundraising Campaign

One way of raising funds (perhaps the easiest way) is the following method. Our system provides the capability for you to collect tax-deductible donations from your friends and family online (a receipt will immediately be sent as donations are made) to sponsor your Globe Aware volunteer participation (as one might for a Breast Cancer Walk). You will be notified of each donation on your behalf. Feel free to use the following templates. Simply choose your program below, email it to your friends and family, and fill in the spaces with your personal information. In the subject line of the email, "Please support me in developing global sustainability" works well. If you write a short personal note on these mass-produced notes, you are more likely to get a greater response.

Please note that to accept online donations Globe Aware is charged a 4% processing fee, plus 50 cents per transaction. Please understand that if you are fundraising online and you go above and beyond the cost of your program fee, that any reimbursement towards airfare will include a deduction of the fees charged by the online credit card processing system. If your donors sponsor you via check, this will not be the case.

Destination-specific email fundraising templates:

A previous and fantastic intern left my former 9-to-5, where she was making mere peanuts researching in an office, to take a job in Costa Rica and make a difference in the world. Since then, I've had a major crush on the country, and write it up whenever I can.

Of course, Costa Rica is one of those destinations that, because of underdevelopment, is a pure, natural place to see, but also a difficult place to wrangle. Sure, there are tons of beach getaways, but if you're looking for more of a rainforest or cultural trip, many tour companies are a little lacking. This also makes it an expensive trip. Not to mention there are areas of the country that are so underdeveloped the locals are in desperate need of help. On the other side of this equation, greedy land owners buy large amounts of Costa Rican property to harvest the natural resources, leaving nothing for natives, and barren holes behind. Costa Rica remains a conundrum.

Luckily, I was tipped off to a voluntourism company called Globe Aware which organizes trips to Costa Rica, Peru, Romania, Nepal, Vietnam, Jamaica, and more, with a catch- you do community service while there. The tasks are more experience than labor and range from providing language conversation to Peruvians studying English, to assembling wheelchairs in Cambodia. Lodging and meals are provided on most tours, which last an average of a week and cost around $1200 (10% discount for minors).

And if you'd love to take one of these trips, but just don't have the money, Travelocity has, from time to time, offered a $500 grant to deserving individuals who would like to spread some love across the globe. Their voluntourism page highlights tours saving Leatherback Turtles in Costa Rica (yay!), assisting medical operations in Tanzania, and even cleaning up US parks.

- Frill Seeker Diary.

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