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  1. Apply for a $5,000 Voluntourism grant from Travelocity's Travel for Good program. Please do not apply if you are under 18 unless you are traveling with a parent or legal guardian.
  2. Email Fundraising Campaign with included thank you gift (con: reduces amount you keep per donation, pro: may dramatically increase volume of contributors to your campaign)
  3. Your Employer May Have a Contribution Matching Program
  4. Teachers may be able to get support from Fund for Teachers©
  5. Check with local civic organizations
  6. Register with Phoneraiser and start a campaign to earn money while recycling old cell phones and ink
  7. The Student Youth Travel Association Youth Foundation also has four options that are available at different times of the year.

The most popular destinations are Costa Rica, Peru and South America, according to the Lasso study. And the most popular volunteer activities were building and teaching, following by community development (including caring for children) and conservation.

Nestoria recently traveled to Costa Rica (via to help with a sea turtle project. She said this kind of trip is ideal for newlyweds because volunteers stay in private shacks and patrol the beach at night collecting sea turtle eggs.

"During the day, there might be beach clean-up, but there is chilling out," Nestoria said, "a lying-on-the-beach vacation, but also giving back to the local community."

She encourages newlyweds to remember that the trip is not about them; it's about the needy community. This can seem counter to the Bridezilla-style wedding where the couple is the center of attention.

"Just make sure your motives are in the right spot," Nestoria said.

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American Medical Student Association

American Medical Student Association website includes an excellent online guide to fundraising, "Creative Funding for International Health Electives" useful for all students.

Other Resources

Reference Service Press "Financial Aid for Study and Training Abroad and Financial Aid for Research and Creative Activities Abroad" (Reference Service Press). The RSP databases are also available online to America Online subscribers (keyword RSP), or through some university libraries.

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