Jo Link

Jo Link - Elementary School Coordinator

Hi! I'm Jo, wife of Bob Link who was one of the eight original Journeys of the Heart volunteers. When Bob had the opportunity to participate in the Peru volunteer experience, I heartedly encouraged him to go and be of assistance. Upon hearing of all his amazing experiences, I could not resist "playing hookey" from my teaching job and joining him and the other volunteers for the last two weeks of their Cusco stay. What a life-altering event it was! While Bob and I have volunteered on other projects, including the US Peace Corps, this was the most moving and positive one in which I have ever participated. The orphans were amazingly upbeat, despite such tremendous handicaps - I only wish we'd been able to do even more to impact positively their lives. Teaching the mountain villagers to make simple mud cooking stoves was a sustainable project that will improve their lives for generations to come. Not only the Peruvians we worked with but also the volunteers and film crew were forever changed by the Journeys of the Heart experience.

I wish to thank all the people associated with this fantastic production for the incredible opportunity to get to know them and to be part of a wonderful team of caring individuals who did a little bit to make the world a more positive place in which to live.

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