Mystic Nepal

Spend a week at a Buddhist monastery with monks in training! Volunteers Madison and Nancy ( above in the center) did just that during their New Year's holiday break. Teach these eager young minds new skills and gain astounding experience and a plethora of memories to take back with you!

Our volunteers landed on the Sunday after Christmas and were taken to a nearby hotel in the center of Kathmandu for orientation and relaxation. The very next morning they were moved to the Manjhushrie Monastery for boys. They both spent the week immersed in teaching, engaging in cultural activities, and exploring their surroundings. They ended the week by handing donations of sports equipment to the lively young monks.

Leisure activities included a private tour of famous spiritual sites throughout the capital city, a homemade meal, and shopping in the busy and famous Thamel market.

For those interested in this volunteer vacation, you'll be teaching young monks English, arts & crafts, and sports while learning about Buddhist philosophy, their practices, and traditions, and joining in on celebrations!

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