Bhutan is Different!

Find out how it's different by reading about volunteer Maggie's first-hand experiences in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

" The thing that most surprised me about Bhutan was how deeply committed everyone was to their culture. What I mean by that is that every single building is made with exposed, hand-painted beams in a very specific, traditional Bhutanese style. Every single man and boy going to work or school is wearing their Gho. Every single meal included rice and chili cheese. Everywhere we went, particularly on weekends, we saw people playing their unique form of archery.

When I have been to places like India, Thailand, Japan, and Guatemala, I will certainly see architecture in the traditional style, but it is usually interspersed with modern architecture or buildings that do NOT conform to the culture. BHUTAN IS DIFFERENT.

Every last building, whether a convenience store, bathroom, airport, home, or storage facility, is gorgeous and made in the style that was decided on a few hundred years ago. And everyone seems so happy and peaceful.

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