Help and support one another

The predominant attitude is to help and support one another. They have all learned various precepts of “Gross National Happiness” that they seem to reinforce in school homes and on television. It is just such a unique place. They live with much less material wealth than what we are used to. But they have access to healthcare, education, food, and housing.

Also, similar to the prior king in Thailand, everyone reveres the king and his family as they have done so much to help. The King gave up all of his power and lives in such a humble fashion. Seeing the relationship between the “subjects” and the king here will change your perspective on what it is to be a “monarchy.”

Also, anyone looking to visit Bhutan should see the movie “Yak in a Classroom,” which was nominated for an Academy Award in 2021 (a first for Bhutan!). In a very sweet manner, it reflects much of the culture and values of this tiny, fascinating country and why it is so very easy to love. It is not easy to get to, but there was a big payoff for making the effort.

Super safe, incredibly friendly, and unique. Those were my biggest impressions. I feel North Americans will learn a LOT from Bhutan and hope I get to go back soon!"

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