Volunteer Work in Hoi An


Globe Aware cooperates with grassroots nonprofits and local schools that assist disadvantaged youths and those with special needs at no cost. Many children come from surrounding rural areas, and their families have difficulty finding additional learning assistance or/and physical therapy for them.

Volunteers will be engaged in projects, from building chicken coops and donating chickens to provide a sustainable protein source to refurbishing playgrounds and homes to replace substandard housing. You may work on renovating parts of a kindergarten* or primary school or other infrastructure to help raise the standard of living throughout rural Vietnam.

You'll also be interacting with the children, helping them practice basic English, playing games, and teaching practical & life skills to encourage physical, social, and intellectual development.

It was heartwarming to see past projects our volunteers built or donations they have given being utilized and appreciated ( ex. a chicken coop built by the Hill family and classroom & chairs donated by the Thurlow family).

These facilities continue to need volunteers and donations and are ready to welcome back Globe Aware participants eagerly!

*Kindergartens are currently not funded by the Vietnamese government.

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