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Global Wings Update - Adan Gonzalez’s Accomplishments

Adan Gonzalez has accomplished many great things since winning the Global Wings scholarship and participating in a week-long trip to Costa Rica to save leatherback sea turtles. He is ranked 2nd in his class of 303; is a member of the National Honor Society, and is a member of the Soccer, Cross Country and Football teams.
His academic achievements include being on the 2010 A Honor Roll, and membership in the Dallas Business Hall of Fame, where he was a presenter in 2009. He was the 2010 UIL District winner in Biology, Physics and Chemistry; the Dallas ISD Marketing Education Student of the Year for 2010; the 2010 winner of the Dallas Marketing Education Sales Contest; and a 2010 Frito Lay Resume Contest winner.
Adan is the team captain of his varsity soccer team, and was a regional semi-finalist. He is also team captain of his varsity cross country team, and was a regional finalist. He was district champion in varsity track and a national competitor in U.S.A. boxing, along with being the 2009 Dallas Golden Gloves Champion.
Currently serving as Senior Class President, Adan has been active in school activities throughout his high school years. He is a member of the debate team, Spanish honor society, Junior Achievement, and Education is Freedom. He has been a DECA district winner, participant in the International Leadership Academy (competing at a state level in marketing), and UIL Academics. He was a member of the Texas Leadership Forum, the Dallas Young Lawyer Association, and participated in the CEO job shadowing program with AT&T.
Adan has assumed many community responsibilities. Working with the Dallas ISD, he is president of the K.O.M. Mentor program, providing mentoring and tutoring for incoming high school students. He has served as a committee member of the Dallas Youth Commission, and volunteered as a tutor and sports instructor at the Anita Martinez Recreation Center.
During the summer of 2010, he was employed by Inspire! Marketing in Dallas, TX. In early 2011, Adan went on another of our trips, this time to assemble wheel chairs for landmine victims in Cambodia thanks to adanmayorsponsorship from our Super Volunteer Mary N. Booth. Last month, he received a $20,000 Sulentic Family scholarship and got his picture taken with Dallas mayor Tom Leppert.
Bound for Georgetown this fall with plans to major in political science and international business, Gonzalez also has some big career aspirations: He told a reporter recently, “I’ll be governor of Texas someday. Period.”

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Program Spotlight – Ghana, the joy of youth
Update – Travel for Good, Vote Now
Global Gourmet – Roma is Regional

Our program in Ghana was the beneficiary of the joyful spirits of two brightly shining young volunteers who traveled there recently. Kids have an amazing capacity to come together in such pure innocence. It didn’t take long for unbreakable bonds to be forged between these two travelers and the local children.
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Important project work got done and fast friendships were made. The Hauge kids, Dale and Sandy, accompanied their parents on a March 2011 trip to Ghana. The beauty and splendor of Ho, Ghana and the open hearts of its friendly people will stay with them for years to come. Upon seeing a few of the trip photos posted on the Globe Aware Facebook page, their mother Meg Hauge said, “(it) really reminds me of how magical the trip was!”


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Update – Travel for Good, Latest Winner Publishes Article
Charyn Pfeuffer, the recent Travelocity contest winner we’ve profiled twice now, continues to talk about what she learned about the planning, preparation, and effort it takes to make our trips valuable, meaningful, and safe. Here’s a link:

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It's hard for a people to have a unified cuisine when you don't have a country. Settled Roma will naturally adopt many of the culinary characteristics of their home countries, and the longer they are settled, the more similar their food will be to that of the country in which they live. Here are a couple of recipes from the Eastern European region that have been attributed to “Gypsies”. Make them together; the bread is great for sopping up every last bit of this delicious soup.

Gypsy-Style Fisherman's Soup
Cigányos Kárászhalászlé
This Roma version of halászlé uses crucian carp, a fish increasingly rare in Hungary.

200 grams smoked bacon, finely chopped
3 large onions, finely chopped
1 packet of sweet paprika
2 kilograms crucian carp or your favorite fish
3 to 4 hot peppers (check this scale to pick peppers that match your tolerance
5 to 6 spoons lecsó or small can of diced tomatoes with peppers

Place the bacon into a hot cauldron, add the onion and stir until withered. Add half of the paprika and immediately (so the paprika doesn't burn) add the head and tail of the fish. Stir once or twice and then add two liters of water. When it comes to a boil, add salt, and then the body of the fish (which has been cut into thick slices), the lecsó and another two liters of water. Boil again, then add rest of the paprika and the hot peppers. Cook pasta into it, if desired, and serve with bread.

Gypsy Bread
This simple bread is popular among Hungarians of Roma/Gypsy origin, and is cheap and easy to make.

1 kilogram flour
1 packet baking powder or baking soda

Knead the flour, baking powder or baking soda, salt and water into a medium hard dough. Flatten it so it is two to three centimeters thick. Bake in a hot oven for 40 to 45 minutes. It can be eaten with anything that bread would normally be served with, such as with zsír, lecsó or pörkölt.


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