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Globe Aware Fall 2010 Programs!

Thinking about volunteering in Thailand?

November 19th - 21st, 2010 celebrates the Sukothai Loi Krathong Candle Festival. It is a magical time to visit Thailand, when the general public floats thousands of Krathongs (small rafts) down the rivers. Krathongs are made out of bread or banana leaves, and decorated with candles and incense. Wsave-10percenthy not volunteer at the same time you experience this magical festival? And remember, if you sign up for any one of our November programs you receive 10% off of the entire cost.

Or, does Ghana intrigue you?

In November 2010, volunteers will start work on building a primary school. Sign up today and ensure a spot for a much needed and beneficial program.


Toll Free 877-LUV-GLOBE  (877-588-4562) or 214-206-1421

 email: info@globeaware.org

Volunteer Spotlight
Global Wings
Ambassador Program

We would like to take a moment to acknowledge one of our amazing volunteers:

Super Globe Aware volunteer Mary from Boulder, Colorado is sponsoring another student this year for our Global Wings Youth scholarship. She is amazing, and knows just how life changing one of our programs can be. We had the pleasure of meeting Mary when she was in Dallas, TX in September, and we asked her this question:

From all of your Globe Aware experiences, what one moment truly shines for you?

“Taking shampoo and other simple necessities to a village outside of Siem Reap. The people of the village were so welcoming, friendly and eager to meet people from outside their world. With the help of the wonderful coordinator in Cambodia, Dine, I was able to communicate with the people of this small village that had no running water... no electricity...nothing that we as Americans would typically take for granted. I was most struck by the children, who clung to my daughter and I, wanting hugs and asking Dine to translate to tell us various details about their lives and their hopes for the future. The elders of the village made us welcome as well - showing us how they cooked their primary source of nutrition - a mixture of rice and beans and palm tree sugar. (yum).... It was compelling how the elders shared with us their hopes for their children’s and grandchildren's futures - that they so desperately want a better life for them than they have had. They firmly grasp that education is the way to a better life and they support it. The problem is that there is not enough aid to go around.... not enough volunteers to spread across the whole country. My 11-year-old daughter, Morgan, was distraught upon returning to this country, saying that she could not understand how the world could ignore the great need that she saw...”

She has greatly inspired the lives of many people across the globe, as well as the most deserving Dallas youths, and has given them all wings to help them fly. A tremendous Thank you, Mary, for your one of a kind support!

Global Wings International Progressive Culinary Experience

Globe Aware will be hosting an International Progressive Culinary Experience in February 2011. Traditional cuisine from 4 different regions will be served, along with a popular cocktail from the region.

Additional cocktails will be served for a $5 donation. Live music from local artists will be featured. Stay tuned for more info about our International Culinary Experience in next month’s newsletter. Proceeds will benefit Globe Aware’s Youth Scholarship “Global Wings”, which exists to send disadvantaged Dallas youths on a Globe Aware program, who would otherwise have difficulty experiencing our wider world.

Global Wings is made possible through the support of our sponsors and caring donors like you!

Go to Global Wings for details on how you can help give them wings!

Ambassador Program and Webinar

Globe Aware’s first ever Webinar will be held on October 27th, 2010 at 7:00 PM.

The webinar will be addressing our new Ambassador Program, which will be headed by Peter, a Globe Aware volunteer.

Be sure to tune in to the webinar on October 27th, and check out next month’s newsletter when the ‘Volunteer Spotlight’ is turned on Peter.


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