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April 2010
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As a high touch, low tech company, our technological presence has not always been in the forefront of our minds; however I’m delighted to share the clean, beautiful results of our new website, and we hope you will too.  Thanks to everyone involved for bringing this to fruition and to all the volunteers who have thus far also contributed to our new blog.  Cheers to many more years of sharing the experiences which can shape and change a life.

Kimberly Haley‐Coleman
Executive Director
Globe Aware

Monthly Volunteer Vacation Spotlight:

 Special Romania Programs

Exciting changes are in the air with Globe Aware’s Romania Program! First, we’ll be building a Social and Educational Center. This includes a future home for 10 homeless families and a future seat for an after school program for underprivileged children.

We’ll also be helping implement a “Green Project” that encourages separate collection of waste, plants trees & flowers, keeps villages clean, and spreads awareness of environmental issues.

These projects are ongoing throughout the year but keep an eye out for the “special program” dates on our website for updates! So, “Help Build a Social & Education Center” or “Help to Keep Forests & Waters Clean”! We've also got special program dates on the way for this fall in Ghana and other locations so keep an eye out or contact us for more information. We’re excited to get things done!

For more information on Globe Aware's
Special Romania Programs


Globe Aware had the pleasure of hosting a service project with Rhodes College in Costa Rica this April. The students from the Memphis, Tennesee-based college formed an exceptional group and were wonderful representatives of the college as a whole.
Thank you, Rhodes College, for sharing your students with us and our community in Costa Rica!
Catherine McMillan
Vice President- Volunteer Communications
Globe Aware

Brandolon is University of London Bound
I will be going to the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London (SOAS). http://www.soas.ac.uk/ In the world of international relations, it’s a world famous program that will help me to further understand development and international issues, while immersing myself in cultures of Asia and Africa. These are communities that I have fallen in love with through my time with Globe Aware and in my travels!
Brandolon Barnett
Director of Program Development & Media

Globe Aware

Globe Aware Youth Scholarship Update
As part of Globe Aware’s first youth scholarship, Cristal Mendez, Adan Gonzalez, and Alicia Santana of Dallas will be able to experience their first international volunteering experience. These are talented students, and just as the Peace Corps and organizations like Globe Aware have been changing people’s lives and perceptions for decades, our goal is to alter their view of the world and their lives through selfless international service to others. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of organizations like Travelocity, Education is Freedom, Kindred Spirits, and Globe Aware alumni like Mary Boothe! You can follow their experience, in photo and video form, by visiting our facebook page and following this newsletter!
If we’re facing a global future, we’re going to need global youth who understand the world and all its complexities. This is necessary for their future and the future of our communities. As we continue to grow this scholarship fund in the future, we welcome your support.
Stay tuned!
Brandolon Barnett
Director of Program Development & Media

Globe Aware

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Let Global Aware share your volunteer vacation experience with the world!
At Globe Aware, we are proud of the work we do in communities around the world. Of course, we could not do it without your help.
We work hard getting the word out and sharing with the world the great stories and goodwill generated by volunteer vacationers such as
You can help us create a more powerful message and generate greater participation in Globe Aware’s many projects by allowing us to share
your personal volunteer vacation experiences, impressions and anecdotal stories:
  • Have you worked and lived along the wild and beautiful Caribbean Coast in Costa Rica with its pounding surf and prehistoric rainforests?
  • After climbing the hills over Machu Picchu have you taken in the awesome vista of the sacred valley and the former center of the Inca civilization?
  • Following building school blocks for kindergartners in Ghana, have you explored the African wilds around Mount Adaklu?
We want to share your stories with other volunteer vacationers and people considering taking a volunteer vacation. We want to immortalize
your experiences and share any photographs or videos you may have taken while on your memorable travel experience.
Please take a couple of minutes - or days - and recount your volunteer vacation.
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Globe Aware focuses on short term, one week volunteer vacations. These are specially formatted for working people with limited vacation time who want to volunteer abroad.
Globe Aware's local staff will help determine the best one-week placement based on your travel requirements and the needs of the destination community. Globe Aware volunteer vaction projects are designed to be completed within the week.In some instances, you will be assisting in an on-going project; in others, you will see the project through from start to finish. Globe Aware's volunteer work is varied and diverse, including working in orphanages, schools and child care centers, working on construction projects and working with youth and adults in training and educational settings.


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Globe Aware Newsline:

Thailand Update

Due to political situation in Bangkok, we are postponing any current programs in our Thailand location. The situation may well be restored to normalcy in short term, but we will err on the side of caution.

Kimberly Haley‐Coleman
Executive Director
Globe Aware

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Volunteer Voices

Words cannot describe the experience we had, the most amazing ever ... Parismina, Costa Rica, was the most beautiful place, the people were even more so and I feel like I'm a changed person. Thank you again, will definitely return, no doubt about it.

 - Pearl Ashcraft-Scozzafava

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