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October 2013 Volunteer of the Month

Houlihan-Whitlock Family

With the knowledge that both our children would be in High School this year, and time was moving faster than we ever wanted, my husband and I decided that this would be a wonderful time to go on a vacation in which we could help people. Through research, it was clear that Globe Aware was the organization for us.

Chris, Sam, Ella and I have always enjoyed getting away on vacations whether we go to the nearby mountains or sea. We also have made it a priority to volunteer as a family by helping in local Food Pantries and Homeless shelters or going on walks to raise money for hunger and various illnesses that people we know suffer from. We thought to combine a vacation with helping out people was a perfect plan. The kids were totally on board!

It was such a privilege to fly across the world to Ghana, Africa and land in a country so different from ours and so vibrant in its own way. Upon meeting our coordinators, Robert, Setor, and Bless, we knew immediately we would be well cared for throughout our stay. They guided us on our journey with love and a great sense of humor. Ivy always provided us with the best meals.

The people in our village of Akuave are so loving and happy. From the first day we felt so welcomed into their community. Appreciating diversity is one of the values on which I’ve been raised and which Chris and I have taught our children. To experience the feeling of being a minority in a town and appreciated for it was a lifelong learning experience and one that we will cherish forever. Now that we are back in the states, we think of the villagers of Akuave frequently and are at times brought to tears by how much love they shared with us. We are still communicating with them and hoping to help the school in the future. Thank you Globe Aware!

Beth, Chris, Sam, and Ella 

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