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 Peru Projects: A Group of Female Students Make a Difference in Two Communities

In San Pedro de Casta: Students Help Rural Community Access Clean Water

Hockaday-2A group of students from an all-girls school went to Peru earlier this month to help with a two-phase water filtration project for the remote village of San Pedro de Casta. Many community members were suffering from a limited and poor-quality water supply due to exposed and damaged pipeline. The students worked alongside locals and Engineers Without Borders to replace the old pipeline and install sand filters. The second phase of the project will begin early next year. Check out these students digging the route for the new water pipeline!


In Cuzco: Students Work at Home for Impoverished Children

Albergue-3The girls also had the opportunity to spend a week in Cuzco to work at the albergue, a home for impoverished rural children that allows them to attend public school. The students were able to play games with the kids, help remodel the multi-purpose and sewing room, as well as refurbish the kitchen to make the home more inviting and comfortable for the children staying there.

"I taught in the schools and yes, I think the children enjoyed it and learned from it. It was very much a novelty for them though, as an "obroni" (their name for white person) you are somewhat of a mythical creature and they are so curious about you - I hoped that it did not distract from my teaching. Furthermore, I definitely think the more meaningful part of the program was not what I was able to teach, or donate, but rather the time and attention that I gave to each of the local people that I interacted with. From my language teacher, to the local women who taught me how to cook, to the elders who taught me music and dancing, and to each and every person and child that I met - the fact that I was there to learn from them - to learn their culture and language and traditions (rather than coming there as if I was some smarter-than-them American trying to "help" them) was much more meaningful to them and I think it was well received and appreciated by them."- Nicole Vasquez, Ghana, November 2013

Journeys for Good

three-emmy-statuesCongratulations to our partners, Journeys for Good, on winning three Emmys for their work showcasing our Cambodia program!

Produced by the good folks at Journeys for Good, the documentary won for Best Cultural Program, Best Camera and Best Editing.

In December 2012, award-winning  husband and wife production team, Steve and Joanie Wynn, embarked on a volunteer adventure to Cambodia with non-profit Globe Aware.   They documented the experience for their public television series, “Journeys for Good”, developed with KQED-TV and their San Francisco Bay Area production company, Bayside Entertainment.

check out the video: CLICK HERE


Delicious Peruvian Recipe: Aji Sauce


  • 1 head of iceberg lettuce
  • ½ cup mayonnaise
  • 3 fresh jalapeno peppers
  • 1 cup white bread cubes without crust


  1. Remove the stems from jalapenos. Using tongs, hold the peppers over a stove burner and rotate until roasted, about 1 minute.
  2.  Slam your head of lettuce down on the counter stem side down. Pull on the stem to remove the heart and discard. Rip the head of lettuce apart.
  3. Place lettuce and one or two of the roasted jalapenos into a blender or large food processor. Blend on low speed until jalapenos are ground up. Add the mayonnaise, and pulse until blended in. Gradually blend in bread cubes until you get a nice thick but still pourable consistency. If it gets too thick add more mayonnaise. Taste, and blend in more peppers if desired.
  4. Serve with your favorite dishes, like Saltado de Pollo, or simply dip your bread in it!

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