Nepal's Treasure

Fewa Lake is a famous and popular tourist destination in Nepal, and all the resorts in the area are of high standards. The volunteers may view the Resort's web site at

In 2017 we will be reevaluating the safety situation of Nepal and hope to reopen this program:

  • The political situation in Nepal remains tense and unpredictable and levels of violence remain high across Nepal . There is a possibility of further violence and disturbance in coming weeks with flashpoints around forthcoming strikes and blockades.
  • There has been an escalation of Maoist violence and attacks throughout Nepal since the Maoists ended their ceasefire on 2 January 2006 . Since then, the Maoists have carried out a campaign of bombing attacks and armed assaults on security forces and Government targets across Nepal . Some of these bombings have occurred in public areas, killing and injuring civilians.
  • On 1 March 2006 , clashes between the Maoists and the army in Palpa (south west of Pokhara) killed approximately 11 security force personnel. Civilians were also killed in the fighting. On 5 March, the Maoists attacked several government offices in the district headquarters of Ilam, in Eastern Nepal . Numerous security force personnel and civilians were killed and injured.
  • Mobile phone networks are partially operating, though pre-paid mobile phone services are still disrupted. Land-lines are working at present.
  • Blockades in Kathmandu and other regional centres are taking place from 14 March 2006 onwards. A further, indefinite nationwide bandh is also planned from 3 April 2006 onwards. All of these events are likely to cause significant disruption, including to transport. We advise you to take extreme caution if traveling in Nepal during this period, expect disruption to your journey, and avoid demonstrations and large gatherings of people.
  • The majority of problems encountered by British tourists in Nepal are trekking accidents and drug-related incidents. You should use a reputable travel agent and only trek with an experienced guide and in a group. If you plan to travel to out-of-the way areas, please contact the British Embassy in Kathmandu on arrival for latest advice on the security situation in the area.

Work Project

Construction on the Alakapuri SAHARA Peace Home, first aid, hygiene, and sanitation training.

Projects vary depending on the number of volunteers, which projects were finished (or not) with the prior group, what priorities have changed, weather conditions, which supplies are available, and often the interest and fitness level of the volunteers. For these reasons, specific projects are often not fixed until the week prior to your arrival and can even change upon arrival.

Some of our Super Volunteer Coordinators

Food and Lodging

You will be staying at the Base Camp Resort nearby the popular Lake Fewa. Volunteers will stay for a week. Two volunteers will share one room (if same sex). Hot and cold water, showers and flushing toilets are available at the resort. There will be ample foods and drinks available to the volunteers, such as fruit juice, bottled water, soda's, tea, and coffee. Apple(Jomsom), orange, banana, papaya, guava, pomegranate, and others depending on the season. Nepali local food (rice, lentils, vegetable curry, bread). Green vegetables including mushroom, Pulse, Gundruk (a typical Nepali soup made od dried spinach), mutton, buff, chicken, and fish.

Items that are needed: stationary and sports item, first aid items, clothes, and teaching materials.

Leisure Activities

You will take a trip to Mahendra Cave, Gupteshwor Cave, Davies Fall, walk along lakeside, sightsee beautiful snow capped mountains, visit the Tibetan Refugee Community, Paragliding, Ultralight flights, walk to the Japanese Peace Camps, boating on Lake Fewa, and take a walk to Sarangkot Height sightseeing the facinating Fidhtail and Annarpurna Range

Safety and Security

In 2017 we will be reevaluating the safety situation of Nepal and hope to reopen this program.

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