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Your Employer May Have a Contribution Matching Program

Many businesses will match employee gifts to a qualifying nonprofit organization, with differing guidelines in each company (be sure to find out what they are at your employer). Some, such as Frito-Lay, for example, have 2 for 1 contribution matching for contributions in conjunction with volunteer work!The companies we currently know of that provide matching gift programs are listed here. If you and/or your sponsors work for any of these companies, please ask about their matching gift programs. That information is available only through the corporation. Please email us at info (at) if you know of any additional corporations with matching gift programs.

When I promised to take Grace to any country she could conjure up, I intended to fulfill my end of the bargain. But I was worried and, as such, rational thought went out the window. I imagined the worse case scenarios: Grace would contract a mutant form of malaria; civil war would suddenly break out; my family would disown me for endangering both of our lives. I wanted Grace to see the "real" Africa, but I could not schlep her around the continent as if I were traveling solo. At the same time, I didn't want to take her on a luxurious safari where we'd encounter the big five but be deliberately sheltered from the pervasive poverty that plagues some of the world's most beautiful countries.

by Megan Quitkin

Enter Globe Aware, a non-profit volunteer vacation company that hooks adventurous travelers up with room, board, cool activities, and a work project to benefit the local community. Think mini Peace Corps. [...]

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