Why Globe Aware does not support Orphanage Tourism

Orphanages all over the world have real needs that can be very difficult to meet. In 2005 Globe Aware ceased trying to operate too closely in conjunction with them as many vulnerabilities rose to the surface for which we have not been able to find firm solutions. We do occasionally provide training and services in group settings (like sewing teachers, English lessons) or donations in the form of meals or educational materials. We have a firm policy against any volunteers working one- on-one with any children. We ask that if you ever witness anything that concerns you to please voice these so that we can all work toward the best possible solutions. Children should not be treated as an attraction. Understanding the real challenges that needy children face worldwide is important, and we are always seeking the best way to promote such awareness. Please contact us if you would like more information.

In December 2012, a film crew from Journeys for Good traveled to Cambodia with a group of Globe Aware volunteers to document their volunteer vacation. While in Siem Reap, the group had a chance to give English lessons in a local orphanage. Please watch the video for an explanation and idea of what Globe Aware has determined to be appropriate action in this controversial issue. 


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