Service Organizations

Service Organizations – Explore the world, serve others, change lives on an alternative spring break

Greek Organizations, Hellenic Council, fraternities, sororities, and other service organizations

You could relax on the beach in the sun, you could go skiing the slopes, hop on a cruise ship, but this year try a completely different and unique adventure – and MAKE AN IMPACT.

Service organizations enjoy giving back to their communities. Every year they raise millions of dollars for various initiatives.  This year contribute to a different community while changing your world perspective: Assemble wheelchairs for landmine victims in Cambodia (and explore the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat), help school kids in Cusco, Peru learn a life skill (and see the bucket list ruins: Machu Picchu), help a Costa Rican community repair a pedestrian bridge (and zip line through the rainforest).

Most parents love to see their children gain this kind of world exposure and compassion. Many workplaces highly value service abroad and Peace Corps-like experiences on resumes as a reflection of the caliber and concerns of the applicant.

Yes it’s fun, yes it’s a challenge. Many volunteers from service organizations are able to get your service organization to recognize your volunteer vacation experience toward required service hours.

healthguide4Participating in a Globe Aware experience is a fantastic way for sorority sisters and or fraternity brothers to bond with one other while enriching themselves and the lives of others with greater needs than their own. By working side by side as equals in a new environment, everyone learns things about each other that they otherwise might never have known, and perceives each other in a new light. The experience not only bonds volunteers in service, it also reinforces members of the values of their service organization

For your next spring break, consider a volunteer vacation as a new challenge to explore. You'll learn a lot about yourself, make new friends, have fun and help others!

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