What is our goal?

  1. To promote contact between people of different cultural and social backgrounds, breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers and creating and understanding an appreciation of others.
  2. To provide worldly education through experience. To enable volunteers to learn the positive effects of concrete action and to recognize the interrelationship between theory and practice.
  3. To provide an intercultural learning experience and the opportunity to explore a new country and a new culture more deeply and respectfully than as tourists.
  4. To integrate participants into the local community to learn from their hosts about the issues which concern them.
  5. To help develop small-scale infrastructure or environmental improvement, and or to preserve cultural heritage and traditions. 
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How We Do It



Globe Aware trips are professionally planned and led. You do not need special skills or the ability to speak a foreign language. Globe Aware coordinators lay the groundwork prior to your arrival, accompany you during your volunteer vacation, and assist with transfers and departures.

Custom Group Trips

Globe Aware Adventures in Service offers a custom, safe, and fun way for schools and corporate groups to have fun and help people, as well as offer a tremendous opportunity to experience other cultures.



Globe Aware collaborates with both corporate and private groups to make a positive influence on communities worldwide. Our ability to achieve our objectives and assist numerous individuals is made possible through the generous financial and in-kind contributions from our many supporters.

Volunteer Vacation Destinations


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Why Choose Globe Aware?

Globe Aware, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) develops short-term volunteer programs in international environments that encourage people to immerse themselves in a unique way of giving back.

Every activity we engage in is intended to accomplish one of two things: promote cultural awareness and/or promote sustainability. For us, the concept of cultural awareness means to recognize and appreciate the real beauties and real challenges of a culture, but not to change it. The concept of sustainability is to help others stand on their own two feet; to teach skills rather than reliance.

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Corporate Volunteer Vacations

With decades of experience leading groups around the world on short-term volunteer experiences, we create and manage volunteer abroad solutions for groups from 5 to 500 participants.


Community Service Hours

Many schools require students to complete a specific number of service hours to graduate, and college and university admissions offices look favourably on applicants who display a pattern of service.

Family Volunteering

Globe Aware has a long tradition of mobilizing volunteer programs around the world for families of all ages and sizes. For us, it is perhaps the most beautiful experience there is to have together.


Volunteer Groups

Globe Aware adventures in service offer a safe, fun way not only for schools and corporate groups to have fun and help people, but they also give families a tremendous way of experiencing life with the children of other cultures.


Globe Aware Adventures in Service


Years in Business


Legacy of volunteer travel success

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Positive impact on communities around the world

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Charitable, volunteer projects around the world

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Experience was amazing


Honestly, the whole experience was amazing - culture, volunteering, food, people. There was plenty of time to experience various tours and engage in the culture. The food was spot on, I really enjoyed having lunches and dinners with local families. And Federico was amazing!
Chad Jones - Orosi Valley, Costa Rica. April 2023


Remarkable experience


My volunteer vacation to Cambodia through Globe Aware was everything I hoped it would be and more. At first, I was a little apprehensive. given I was traveling alone to a foreign country. Those fears soon disappeared when I met Dine, our project coordinator, and my five team members.
Rebecca Radam-Collins, Cambodia, March 2012


Meaningful Experience


This is quite simply Globe Aware’s best program for people who love kids. I spent my work time, working hard! But during our free time, the kids found us and we had so much fun playing! The work project was meaningful because we could see the benefit of our work almost immediately!
Don Germaise, October 2022, Thailand Hill Tribes


A: In order to reserve a spot on a Globe Aware adventure, you will need to send a 50% deposit with your completed application. Your entire balance is due 70 days prior to the start date of the adventure of your choice. We accept most major credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard), money order and personal check.

Refund/Cancellation/Transfer Policy
Take care in choosing your program location and dates. If your plans change, you can cancel. You will get a 100% refund, less a non refundable $500 of the deposit, if you cancel at least 70 days prior to the program's start date. After 70 days, it costs us to replace you because we have sent advances from your contributions to the community. You may elect to apply 100% of the deposit to another program if you transfer to another program within twelve months of the original program start date (no handling penalty or fee will be assessed), if we have not yet sent funds for field costs.  If you would like to transfer a second time, there is an additional $150 change fee in addition to any difference in the minimum contribution fee. Other than this, the deposit is never refundable, unless Globe Aware has to cancel a program. In the rare and unlikely event that Globe Aware has to cancel a program, you will receive a 100% refund, including your deposit.

If you cancel 31 to 69 days prior to the program start date, you will receive a 60% refund of the balance of the minimum contribution fee. If you reschedule you receive no refund however, you will have one year from the original program date to apply the funds to another program. Again the deposit is not refundable.

If you cancel less than 30-7 days from the program start date, you will receive a 25% refund of the balance of the minimum contribution fee. Again the deposit is not refundable.

If you cancel less than 7 days from the program start date, you will receive no refund of the minimum contribution fee. By this time the money has been implemented into specific project for the program. Again the deposit is not refundable.

The minimum contribution fee for your program covers the cost of your meals, accommodation, on-site travel (but not airfare), emergency medical evacuation, medical insurance, donations to the various community projects, your orientation package, volunteer coordination, program development, country manager expenses, community team recruitment, logistical support and project consultants.

Globe Aware is a public charity, a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt corporation under the U.S. Internal Revenue Service; it is not a private foundation. Not only is your entire minimum contribution fee tax-deductible (to U.S. tax payers), but all other expenses related to your Globe Aware volunteer work are also tax-deductible (such as your airfare, trip cancellation insurance, and other such expenses). These expenses are tax deductible because as a volunteer you are doing the work of Globe Aware.

If you are unsure of your own personal limits on deductions related to your income, it is best to seek counsel from a professional tax advisor. The IRS allows deductions where "there is no significant element of personal pleasure, recreation, or vacation." This means that if you plan significant deviations before or after the Globe Aware program, you may need to seek professional counsel on portions that may not be deductible.

The minimum contribution fee for your program covers not only the cost of your meals, accommodation, on-site travel (but not airfare), donations to the various community projects, your orientation package, volunteer coordination, program development, country manager expenses, community team recruitment, logistical support, medical emergency evacuation, medical insurance are included and project consultants. Your entire contribution is used to support Globe Aware sponsored programs and development. By spreading the costs across a number of our programs, Globe Aware is able to assist in projects that would otherwise not be able to exist. No funds are collected from any religious or political organization. Less than 12% of your program fee goes toward overhead and administration.

Support Direct Program Costs

by Joseph Collins, Stefano DeZerega, and Zahara Heckscher
published by Penguin Putnam, Inc, 2002.

Prospective volunteers are surprised to learn that many programs charge their volunteers a fee to participate. At first, this can seem ridiculous - Why should you pay money to work for free? Aren't you already forgoing income you could be making? Here are a few things to keep in mind while trying to understand why the vast majority of programs charge international volunteers a fee:

  • The local organizations and projects with which you volunteer overseas have limited resources and are seldom able to subsidize your trip or cover the costs of hosting you. (These costs include housing, feeding and transporting you, among numerous other things.) If they did have the financial resources to pay an international volunteer, it would almost certainly be more beneficial and cost-effective to hire a local person instead, someone who already knows the language and culture and is likely to stick around.
  • Identifying appropriate host organizations overseas and working with them is time-consuming, takes resources, and requires an experienced and professional staff.
  • The process of preparing, training, transporting, housing, feeding, and supervising volunteers is not cheap. Additional services such as health care, re-entry assistance, travel medical insurance, and more, all add to the expenses of a program.
    The costs of recruiting volunteers, producing literature, answering the phones, sending mailings, developing a web site, and interviewing potential volunteers are significant.

Your entire contribution is used to support Globe Aware programs and program development. By spreading costs across all of our programs, Globe Aware is able to assist community projects that otherwise would not be self-sustaining. Your contribution covers a donation to the community project, program coordination, your meals, accommodation, in-country transportation, medical insurance, Orientation package, medical equipment donations, emergency medical evacuation insurance.

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