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Destination South Africa

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South Africa has celebrated an end to formal apartheid but despite its rich natural resources and can-do attitude, the majority of the black population still face huge challenges. Job prospects are still in low supply, housing and the standard of living are still far below expectations, e.g. access to running tap water is limited, decent flushing toilets are shared, and millions still live in “slums”. This program provides unique opportunities to understand the challenges faced by the black majority, while also helping to improve their lives. In stunning contrast, volunteers will see “beyond-belief”, gorgeous sights, white sandy beaches, pristine wineries, rugged mountain scapes, gigantic whales and wild penguins etc, and more importantly they will get to understand the real beauties and challenges of the new South Africa. Click here for more information on our South Africa Program.
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Saturday, 02 May 2009 19:00

Giving Guatemala

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  • Guatemala

The country of Guatemala, well-known as a place of beauty and safety, warmly welcomes visitors to discover its charm and diversity amidst amazing wildlife, friendly locals, and its ancient Mayan roots. Yet even amongst the intriguing Tikal allures and the unique flora and fauna, Guatemala still remains a country with great need. Huge population growth and migration have put a strain on resources all over the country. As a result, literacy rates are among some of the lowest in the world, and poverty is prominent. Low standards of living, poor sanitation, and even limited access to clean water are all daily challenges faced by many Guatemalans. Lodging is provided in a small, rustic but very quaint hotel, accommodating two to six guests per room, depending on the size of your travel party. A single supplement can be arranged for an additional $290. All beds are covered with mosquito netting, and include a private bath with a hot shower, flushing toilets, fans, and an outdoor patio area. The hotel is located on Lake Peten Itza. Volunteers will have the wonderful opportunity to visit the world-famous Tikal National Park and Temple. Other optional leisure activities include participating in a class in tortilla making, attending a Mayan Fire Ceremony and meeting with a Mayan Spiritual Guide, taking an herb walk in the jungle, meeting with an herbalist, and taking a tour of the Aktun Kan Caves. Optional excursions, independent of Globe Aware but run by companies whose safety we have vetted, include Canopy/Zipline Tours and/or horseback riding.
Click here for more information on our Guatemala Program.
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Thursday, 21 March 2013 13:30

Expedition Vietnam

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Volunteers, depending on number of volunteers per group, will be engaged in a variety of projects, from teaching English pronunciation and colloquialisms, the building of playgrounds and better homes to replace substandard housing, refurbishment of buildings for use as schools, work on kindergarten and primary schools, as well as village markets and other infrastructure to help raise the standards of living throughout rural Vietnam. (Kindergartens are not currently funded by the Vietnamese government). Disadvantaged youths living in rural areas outside of town are allowed to attend the schools we work on at no cost. All volunteers will teach Basic English and play games with the children, and assist with our new Portable Mobile Libraries Projects, called "Books to Live." Click here for more information on our Vietnam Program.
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Thursday, 21 March 2013 12:45

Sustaining Thailand's Treasures

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Globe Aware's volunteer vacation program in Thailand is geared toward the nature- loving volunteer explorer as the majority of the program’s projects involve work with locals of the Surin province to preserve the native elephant habitat. Projects will include preparing and planting food crops, construction of shade shelters, and bathing the elephants. For leisure activities, volunteers will be welcomed in a traditional Thai welcoming ceremony and will be able to participate in cooking classes and shopping in local markets. Accommodations include newly built wooden houses with Western-style toilets, bucket style showers, and limited electricity. Come to Thailand to help save the Asian elephants from extinction and give captive elephants a life worth living! Click here for more information on our Thailand Program
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Thursday, 21 March 2013 12:25

Redeeming Romania

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Experience the European spirit of past, present, and future through Globe Aware’s Romania program. Volunteers will work in a village on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Brasov, targeting children and at-risk families to fight against poverty and injustice. Work projects include building a Social and Educational Center (a future home for ten homeless families), improving the living conditions of the often marginalized Roma community, and implementing environmentally friendly attitudes towards the local community and its surroundings. In their free time, volunteers will have the opportunity to explore Brasov’s historic town center and surrounding areas, including the Townhall Square, the Romanian Art Museum, and Bran Castle (more commonly known as Dracula’s Castle), Visitors can also take a cable car ride to view the city of Brasov from atop a small plateau. Depending on number of volunteers, accommodations are provided in either a quaint Bed and Breakfast in a nearby town or in a charming, 2-storey villa near the old center of Brasov. Cable TV, internet connection, and washing machine facilities are available at both locations. Come visit this quaint country with its picturesque landscapes and help discover and redeem the treasures of Romania’s rich heritage. Click here for more information on our Romania Program.
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Friday, 19 March 2010 12:44

The Glory of Ghana

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In Globe Aware’s Ghana program, volunteers get to experience first-hand the glory of the Ghanaian culture. Although some of the friendliest and happiest people you’ll ever meet, the Ghanaians have limited access to modern tools in their society and consequently often face the challenge of living in unsanitary conditions.
By volunteering on this program, you could have the opportunity to change lives in a whole village by building systems to bring them clean water. Volunteers also take part in constructing sanitary systems in schools and improving the facilities at a local orphanage. Lodging includes home stay facilities which can include either running-water showers or scoop showers, flushing toilets, and some basic access to electricity. For fun, volunteers will visit the biggest waterfall in West Africa, learn about the Ghanaian tradition of weaving, and experience dancing and drumming lessons. Come spend time with these smiling people in the beautiful and mountainous Jasikan District of Africa, and you’re sure to be dancing your way back again someday! Click here for more information on our Ghana program.
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Wednesday, 17 March 2010 15:31

Fighting Poverty in India

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Participate in Globe Aware's India program and combat poverty by working with slum dwelling and other disadvantaged children in the community of Jaipur. In this “Pink City,” volunteers will work with rescued child laborers, assist at day care centers, and provide support for local teachers, in addition to completing beautification activities for public facilities. Volunteers will be accommodated in one of several modest hotels which all have running hot-water, Western-style toilets, and electricity. During leisure time, volunteers can have dinner with a local family, visit a traditional carpet factory, take an elephant ride, or walk through the colorful streets. Come and fight poverty in India and enhance the lives of poverty-stricken children in ways that you can only begin to imagine. Click here for more information on our India program.
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In Globe Aware’s El Sur program, volunteers have the opportunity to assist villagers whose farmland has recently been taken over to create the spectacular Carara Rainforest Reserve. The villagers hope to create sustainable community-based tourism, and Globe Aware volunteers will help by completing projects such as building suspension bridges, painting schools, constructing recycling stations, and building systems to help bring clean water into the community. For fun, volunteers can enjoy hiking in the rainforest, horseback riding, coffee tasting, and learning about cheese making and traditional sugar cane processing. Accommodations include comfortable, recently constructed cabinas with Western-style bathrooms and showers (not including heated water) and limited electricity. Take this trip to Costa Rica and join in on providing sustainability and opportunity for one of the friendliest communities you’ll ever encounter!  Click here for more information on our Rainforest Village Experience
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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 16:46

The Path Less Taken: Laos

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In Globe Aware’s program in Laos, volunteers will help the gentle citizens of Laos to recover from the heavy trauma the country experienced after bombing in the Vietnam War. Volunteers will work alongside Buddhist monks at both a government orphanage and village schools to complete a variety of community projects. Projects can include general repairs and improvements on facilities, as well as teaching basic English and assembling and distributing wheel chairs for those injured by land mines. Accommodations include a modest hotel in the center of town with hot water, flushing toilets, and electricity. During leisure time, volunteers can boat on the Mekong River, visit famous temples and caves, and get to know the people of Laos. Lend a helping hand in Laos and be part of bringing restoration and recovery to a peaceful society that has endured years of devastation. Click here for more information on our Laos Program.
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Sunday, 17 January 2010 18:00

Changing China

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  • China

Visit China with Globe Aware and help provide a quality education for children who have lost their educational opportunities due to urban migration. Volunteers will work in the only true non-profit school for migrant children by completing projects to improve the school’s infrastructure and teaching English pronunciation and language skills to the students. During free time, volunteers will have the opportunity to sightsee around Beijing and visit iconic sights such as the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden Temple, and Tiananmen Square. Volunteers will stay in a modest hotel located near the school with private bathrooms and modern amenities. Come experience the wonders of this ancient society and bring hope and opportunity to the forgotten children of China. Click here for more information on our China Program.
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