Globe Aware Angels

Special Thanks to the Harvard School of Public Health for their generous donation.

In addition to its fantastic volunteers, Globe Aware would not exist without the generous involvement of people and organizations such as those listed below. We appreciate your efforts and your contributions to a better world.

We'd like to give a special thank you to Fannie Mae's Dollars for Doers grants, with help from Will Portugal in making it happen. These funds will be used toward the making of a special documentary on Peruvian Sign Language that will be made and used here in the United States. Blythe & Tom met during a Globe Aware Cusco program and now the happy couple are expecting!

Michael DuShields met a local resident, Reyna, in Costa Rica and are now happily married!

And we hear countless stories of the volunteer groups that came together as individuals and now stay in touch with email newsletters between them. Share with us your stories.

July 2005: In honor of Sergio's birthday, in lieu of gifts for himself, Sergio requested help for the kids he was going to help in Peru. His loved ones, friends and family raised over $1600 for donations for the needy children Globe Aware helps in Cusco, Peru. BRAVO and THANKS!

Some of our Super Volunteer Coordinators

Aditi Fruitwala
Alfredo Coello
Alan Govenar
Amanda Popken
Andrea Themistos
Andres H. Planas Lavie
Anna Quintanilla
Anuradha Koirala
Armando Munoz Mendez
Arnaldo A. Gonzales Padron
Bertha Cobo
Bharat Thakur
Bill Sebastian
Bishwo Ram Khadka
Brenna Fitzgerald
Chad Woolery
Charlotte Haley
Christina Men
Clinton Halley
Crandall Morua
Cruz Rojas
Daisy Rojas
Daniel Moreinis
David Nichols
David Patrick
Daul Matute, Embassy of Peru
Don Mack
Dr. Joel Duran
Dr. Jose M. Collera Vento
Dr.Osvaldo Cuesta Santos
Duangjai Thittayarak
Eduardo H. Retes
Eric Boquuim
Sarah Shaw
Ezat Zarasvand
GAIA Foundation
Gallaudet University
Gregory Jackson
Helio E. Araujo
Ian Billick
Imelda Santos
Jamie Gallovich
Jaime Llanos
Janey Aldred
Javier Dominguez Mattinez
Jay Goldman
Jeanne Wheeler
John Cravens
John Marshall Haley
John Page
Jorge Uceda
Jose Ramon Perez
Katie Haley
Kelly Schref
Ken Coleman
Ken Dorman
Kyra Cruz Meyer
Lilia de Larios
Linda Falk
Lourdes Morales Arce
Mabeth Coleman
Marchell Marek
Margie Haley
Margot y Amalia Urrutia
Maritza Moleon
Maritza Sanchez Abillud
May Margaret Jackson
Mercedes Cabanas
Michael Brown
Michael B. Mckinnon
Mickey Rosenblatt
Miriam Carpio
Myriam Diaz
Nichole Hope-Moore
Ngoc Trang
Norman A. Marquez
Peter Greenberg
Rajendra Bajgain
Raul Marrero Perez
Rebecca Williams
Rita Olga Martinez
Robin Hesse
Romano Sancho
Rudra Kumar Nepal
Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal
Sarah Shaw
Sean Martell
Shanon Sparks
Sherri and Will Sakson
Sor Ida Mercedes Giusti A.
Tacy King
Teresha George
Travis Burke
Quilts for Kids
IAS PERU Asociacion "Instituto de Apoyo a la Salud en El Peru"
CODECE - Asociacion para Conservacion y Desarrollo de los Cerros de Escazu
Hogar Para Ninos Sordomudos
Las Obras de Nuestra Madre de las Americas, Inc
Casa Ridgway
El Encanto de la Piedra Blanca
MVK Buddhist College, Wang Noi
Suan Kaew Foundation, Wat SuanKaew
Centro de Amigos para la Paz
ICAP - Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples
Sustainable Dallas
Maiti Nepal
Nepal Earth Society
Tribhuvan Univeristy
The Red Cross
Volunteer Center of North Dallas
Concrete Pictures
Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
Travelpaths - is an Irish owned and operated Travel agency based in Meath, Ireland.
Leisure Travel

The Give-Back Solution:

Thanks to ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program for sponsoring our intern Shanon in creating the documentary video on Peruvian Sign Language.


Flat Stanley 's not self conscious of being two dimensional. He may be a simple, flat man, but he's got the heart and soul of the kids who made him from a school in Houston, Texas. Flat Stan has been traveling the globe, and on his more recent travels, joined a Globe Aware expedition where, among other things, he helped construct wheelchairs for some needy kids in Cusco, Peru. More Pictures.

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