"Globe Aware packed in too many after-hour activities for an older couple like us (59 & 61 years old). No problem. On two of the evenings, we did a little sightseeing on our own and retired early. I suspect most younger people would have the energy to enjoy them all.

Having volunteered twice before, once in Costa Rica and once in Hoi An, Vietnam, we were somewhat familiar with working in less economically advantaged areas. The orientation material provided by Globe Aware was accurate, pertinent, and helpful. The shortage of water and waste disposal facilities in Jaipur and Delhi made us even more keenly aware of the outsized impact American waste has on the global environment.

The people of India were courteous and friendly. The children in our class - they were magical and curious as are children everywhere.

I mistakenly assumed the children in Jaipur would know as much or more English than the children we worked with in Vietnam. I wish I had taken a little more time during the first day to assess this and adjust our presentation. With the help of our coordinator who was on hand to translate, I think (hope) we accomplished something. The children seemed to enjoy it. Had I known beforehand that we would be teaching geography and measurement, I would gladly have brought along an inflatable globe, hobby scale, etc. to help. This leads me to a suggestion. In Vietnam, Globe Aware provided a portable library to the class where we taught - a big hit with the kids. For even less money, I wonder if Globe Aware might be able to provide a small teaching kit including a globe, yardsticks, etc. - whatever the local coordinator thinks might be useful. I think most volunteers would be happy to help support this financially and it might make them more effective. But I'm not a professional at this - just a thought." - Joseph Hiller, March 2015

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