Project was indeed meaningful

I believe our group's work project was indeed meaningful.  The direct interaction with the locals on a daily basis helped establish smooth interpersonal relationships and gave me a positive impression about the warmth and natural openness of the people. It was also a good way to practice my rusty Spanish. Furthermore, this also gave me an opportunity to get to know my co-volunteers whom I do find friendly, kind, and fun to be with. We had enough free time to explore the area, do some hiking, swim in a hot spring, enjoy a zipline activity (Canopy tour), go to the market, etc. Locally prepared Costa Rican meals (e.g. Casado) are so delicious. This has been my second time to engage in a volunteer vacation with Globe Aware. The first time was in July 2010 in Romania. In general, I am pleased and satisfied with how the programs (both in Romania and Costa Rica) are organized and do look forward to more volunteer opportunities in the future.  -  Adhara Lazaro    December 2014

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