Amazingly Meaningful

“My experience volunteering in the Philippines was amazingly meaningful. I am grateful to the Filipino people for being so warm and welcoming. I felt a deep sense of belonging while I was in the Philippines. I had a moment while we were doing volunteer work where I was stressing that we wouldn't be able to complete all of our work in the time we had. I addressed my concern with Kimberly Haley Coleman and she and I talked for a moment. I remember her saying, "Anyone can write these people a check, but you're here with them volunteering, which is something they don't experience often, if ever. We have people who will complete the work that doesn't get done by LGCY volunteers this week."

Having this conversation with Kimberly helped me realize that this service trip is more about community, support, and togetherness than anything. I want to take this value into my personal life more now. Sometimes when it comes to work or things that HAVE to get done...I find myself placing more value on getting those things done than the value I place in community, family, and love.

I've always felt it's important and meaningful to be a kind human, and spending time with Filipino people in the Philippines has confirmed this for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

Krystle Ayotte
Philippines, November, 2023

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