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Volunteer vacation in Ghana


img 6647Although some of the friendliest and happiest people you'll ever meet, the Ghanaians have limited access to modern tools in their society and consequently often face the challenge of living in unsanitary conditions. By volunteering on this program, you could have the opportunity to change lives in a whole village by building systems to bring them clean water.



Destination China


chinaVisit China with Globe Aware and help provide a quality education for children who have lost their educational opportunities due to urban migration. Volunteers will work in the only true non-profit school for migrant children by completing projects to improve the school's infrastructure and teaching English pronunciation and language skills to the students.



Volunteer Vacations India


Rickshaw Ride IndiaParticipate in Globe Aware's India program and combat poverty by working with slum dwelling and other disadvantaged children in the community of Jaipur. In this "Pink City," volunteers will work with rescued child laborers, assist at day care centers, and provide support for local teachers, in addition to completing beautification activities for public facilities.




Destination Costa Rica - Orosi Valley

Orosi Valley

orosiGlobe Aware's Costa Rica program takes place about an hour from the city of San Jose in the gorgeous, hidden valley of Orosi. There in Orosi, villagers of the small community of El Yaz enjoy their natural paradise, but struggle to make ends meet as their access to sustainable jobs, hot water, transportation, and proper nutrition are limited.



Destination Guatemala


guatemalaGuatemala warmly welcomes visitors to discover its charm and diversity amidst amazing wildlife, friendly locals, and ancient Mayan roots. Visit this lush country with Globe Aware and have a chance to engage in three different work projects to help the impoverished including installing cement floors in homes, working with children at a community library, and teaching classes to children age 7-9.


Destination South Africa - SOLD OUT

South Africa

elephant squareSouth Africa has celebrated an end to formal apartheid but despite its rich natural resources and can-do attitude, the majority of the black population still face huge challenges.



Volunteer Vacation Romania


romaniaExperience the European spirit of past, present, and future through Globe Aware's Romania program. Volunteers will work in a village on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Brasov, targeting children and at-risk families to fight against poverty and injustice. Work projects include building a Social and Educational Center (a future home for ten homeless families), improving the living conditions of the often marginalized Roma community, and implementing environmentally friendly attitudes towards the local community and its surroundings.



Destination Cambodia


volunteervacation cambodia13In Globe Aware's Cambodia program, in Siem Reap, you will participate in a variety of projects including teaching English pronunciation and colloquialisms to variety of student populations, working with street children (the program is designed to provide with alternatives to drugs and prostitution), and assembling and distributing wheelchairs to landmine victims.


Volunteer Vacation Vietnam


vietnamTravel to Vietnam with Globe Aware and explore one of Vietnam's most picturesque towns, Hoi An, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Amid the distinctly preserved assortment of Chinese, Japanese, and French architecture remains the devastation of poverty with many peasants left dwelling in sub-par conditions.



cuba100Although home to more than 11 million people, Cuban culture has been shrouded in mystery to most North Americans because of prolonged economic and political strain between the United States and Cuba. The Care for Cuba program pulls back the curtains on this Caribbean culture and gives volunteers a clear look at the beauties, struggles, and determination of the Cuban people.



Volunteer Vacation Cusco

Cusco, Peru

cuzcolandCome to Cuzco with Globe Aware and take part in providing educational opportunities for impoverished children from rural households. Service projects include improvements and maintenance to facilities through activities like painting classrooms, creating gardens, or constructing desks and beds.

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