May 2017 - New Romania Project

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New Romania Project
Globe Aware announces new volunteer travel work program

Working with individuals with special needs.

MAY 2017
Hi {FIRST_NAME|Valued Customer},

Thank you for your past participation in our Romania project. We wanted to make you aware that we have opened a new, fulfilling and exciting project in Brasov, Romania working with individuals with special needs such as Downs Syndrome, Asperger’s, and those on the Autism spectrum. There is a long list of both new construction, refurbishments, and “soft skill” volunteering projects directly with our recipient community.

In the meantime, we will no longer be supporting our prior program near Brasov. We spent months working together on a large scale project that brought to light many challenges that we simply could not overcome. Additionally our coordinator resigned so that she could devote more time to her children. We will no longer be accepting and forwarding donations on behalf of the Haghig center, nor are we able to verify how any future funds sent there would be used.

Again we deeply appreciate your involvement in our programs and welcome the opportunity to work with you in the future.

The Globe Aware Team
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