Cliff Schumacher

Cliff Schumacher - Production Manager

I can't begin to explain how much those few short weeks have shifted my point of view on life. If I ever catch myself feeling unlucky, it only takes an instant to remember what those kids endure and instantly I see how lucky I am. If I ever feel lonely, all I have to do is open my photo albums of the kids and read the letters they wrote in my journal to remember how many friends I really have. I appreciate the opportunity to have received the children's hugs and hear their laughter. I doubt they will ever know how much they have influenced me. Within my own community I am seeking out opportunities to help others. And within the world-wide community, I am currently researching new programs to participate in this summer. I know that Peru has not only inspired me, but it has also inspired many people I know to also seek out ways to volunteer. By continuing to share in the lives of others, I hope to make the world a smaller, more loving place for all of us.

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