Quativa Costa Rica Orosi Valley 2022

Please note: The cost per person is $1,888 per person: the fee is 100% tax deductible against your income. The price includes all meals, activities such as rafting, ziplining, etc, project materials, medical insurance, airport transfers, and accommodations.

Costa Rica is a cultural and natural paradise, but most travelers only see it from a traditional tourist perspective, missing much of the key beauty and challenges that are its reality. Globe Aware's Costa Rica volunteer travel programs offer a unique opportunity to help small communities improve their well-being and create a sustainable future in ecologically important areas.

Volunteer Work Projects in Orosi Valley

About an hour from the city of San Jose, in a gorgeous, hidden valley (Orosi), rests the tiny community of El Yaz, known for its clean water, rich soil, eternal spring-like temperatures (about 75 degrees every day), and organic, agricultural way of life. Although the villagers love their natural paradise, they have struggled to make ends meet, as even low-paying jobs are rare. Most villagers may not live in abject poverty but have no access to hot water, cars, or many of the amenities to which a North American may be accustomed.

Quativa Costa Rica Orosi Valley Itinerary - Click Here

Arranging Your Volunteer Vacation Airfare

Unless you are part of Leader Summit, arrive no later than 8:00 pm at San Jose airport on Monday, November 14 (if later, we can help arrange independent transport to accommodations); Arrange to return by flying home anytime Monday, November 18.


You will be involved in several construction and maintenance projects on the new Community Center, the old church, the primary school, and residential construction for an indigent local family

Your accommodations

Volunteers will be accommodated in several modest and mid-range hotels and guest houses in the area.

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