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"Please note the start and end dates: For numerous logistical reasons, this program runs best from Saturday to Friday, unlike most other Globe Aware programs."


The country of Guatemala, well-known now as a place of beauty and safety, warmly welcomes visitors to discover its charm and diversity amidst amazing wildlife, friendly locals, and its ancient Mayan roots. Yet even amongst the intriguing Tikal allures and the unique flora and fauna of its rainforrests, Guatemala still remains a country with tremendous need. Huge population growth and migration have put a strain on resources all over the country. As a result, literacy rates are among some of the lowest in the world, and poverty is prominent. Low standards of living, poor sanitation, and even limited access to clean water are all daily challenges faced by many Guatemalans. Come work side by side with the locals on addressing needs they have identified.

Work Project

Our staple activity in this location is the building of a cement floor for a family. The remaining project work is divided between the other projects listed below, and can often be changed (upon arrival) after discussions with the on-site coordinator. DO not hesitate to communicate whether you feel you are doing too much or too little work, our coordinators do their very best to meet the varying abilities of our volunteers.

  • Installing cement floors in the homes of impoverished people (children crawling on dirt floors have serious problems with parasites).
  • Working with children at a local community library.
  • Teaching in an After-School Enrichment Program for 5-12 year old children from underprivileged homes.
  • Working with local women’s group setting up home gardening (to introduce healthy greens into an otherwise carbohydrate heavy diet).
  • Agricultural project creating a "forest garden" on the land of the Women's Center that was once planted with corn.
  • Teaching English pronounciation to students and teachers of English who are learning how to write but not to speak the language.


Food and Lodging

Lodging is provided in a small, rustic but very quaint hotel situated on the shores of the quiet lake, accommodating two guests per room. A single supplement can be arranged. All beds are covered with mosquito netting and include a private bath with a hot shower, flushing toilets, fans, and an outdoor patio area. You are provided with one towel and simple linens.

The hotel is located on Lake Peten Itza within a biological rainforest reserve. Because of this, everything flourishes here, including bugs. Expect that, at least occasionally, you will see daddy-long-legs, ants, etc. You will hear the miraculous howler monkeys at times from your rooms. There are many pleasant communal relaxation areas, such as the dock (look out for the naturally glowing organisms in the lake at night!) During the dry season, butterflies are everywhere. If you see something amiss (a door is jammed or the fan doesn’t work, PLEASE notify the coordinator who will ensure it gets fixed.).

Basic rooms have air conditioning and running hot water, but upgrade is possible. Upgraded lakeside accommodations are available in a nearby resort with better insulation (fewer bugs!), television, bathtub, and outdoor suite area. The highest level room includes a jacuzzi on the private balcony and significantly more space. Double occupancy is standard, though you can choose to pay for a single supplement:

The base/economy program fee per person: $1,437
Add-ons for the 6 nights/7 days (not priced per day)

  • Solo room at budget option: +$75
  • Standard room at the resort: +$289
  • Solo standard room at the resort: +$570
  • Deluxe room at resort:+$400
  • Solo for a deluxe room at the resort: +$710

Breakfast and dinner will be served at the hotel each morning. Other meals will be taken at local restaurants, and several special meals will be prepared by the families for whom volunteers will install the floors. Sample meal items: chicken tamales with black bean salad, fresh local whitefish with chicken or vegetarian alternatives, rice, beans, and fresh fruit. All meals have the option of meat, vegetarian, or vegan. Bottled water is provided.


Most families enjoy staying at the nicest resort; it adds the costs shown above, which we usually recommend because you are right on the lake, have kayaks, and better food we are able to give you, it's significantly nicer. There is one further, even more luxurious option for their deluxe rooms, which have a refrigerator, cable TV, jacuzzi, etc.

If budget is an issue, students usually stay in our base accommodations, which are perfectly fine and safe, just not picturesque, etc, and not on the lakefront, etc. we offer both options. See photos below:

Guatemala Accommodations Luxury

Guatemala Accommodations Regular

Leisure and Cultural Activities

Volunteers will have the wonderful opportunity to visit the world-famous Tikal National Park and Temple, though the park entrance is at an additional cost to the volunteer and is paid upon arrival to your coordinator. Other optional leisure activities include participating in a class in tortilla making, enjoying a Mayan flute concert, studying the butterflies at the butterfly reserve, taking an herb walk in the jungle, meeting with an herbalist, as well as learning backstrap/loom weaving.

Other optional excursions, independent of Globe Aware but run by companies whose safety we have vetted, including Canopy/Zipline Tours and/or horseback riding, as well as the above-mentioned visit to Tikal. Volunteers may also choose to take a boat tour and visit the zoo and museum at the nearby town of Flores. Your coordinator can arrange these activities for you, though note there is an additional fee involved.

Arranging Your Airfare

Mundo Maya International Airport is just outside Flores and is the only other international airport in the country aside from Guatemala City. There have traditionally been only two daily flights - morning and evening - to and from Guatemala City, which is a huge, modern airport, however airlines have been increasing their routes so you may have many more options by the time you are reading this.  We have only one scheduled airport transfer in the morning, however if you come later, we can arrange private pick up for extra $50.



Safety and Security

Travelers should always be vigilant of their belongings, especially when in major cities or tourist areas such as at Tikal and Guatemala City, due to occasional petty theft. We recommend locking your valuables and keeping your belongings close to you at all times.

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