Ghana school fundraiser

Adopted Chief in Ghana Village Needs Team of Elders

Are you willing to become a Ghana village Elder?

On a volunteer trip to Ghana, Peter Sheehan from Chicago IL was officially made chief of Mafi-Wudukpo, a village in Ghana. Peter accepted the new moniker Torgbui Nubueke I which translates to the “new dawn.”

With this new honor comes new responsibility so Peter Sheehan, along with his wife Colleen are looking for a team of “elders” to help with the first of many projects for their newly adopted village.

The Sheehans will be donating a dollar for dollar match up to $5,000 to help finance a new school for the children of Mafi-Wudukpo.  When the goal is reached, Globe Aware, a 501C3 will manage the construction of this new school.

Join the team of Elders by making a pledge. Now is your time to commit to a compassionate cause that








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