Jamaica Money

WorldGuide Index Prices

postcard sent worldwide Jamaican Dollar 10.00
half an hour internet access Jamaican Dollar 30.00
hand of bananas Jamaican Dollar 30.00
half a dozen mangoes Jamaican Dollar 30.00
cheap local meal Jamaican Dollar 120.00
small bottle of rum Jamaican Dollar 430.00
small car rental per day Jamaican Dollar 2,770.00

Average Room Prices

Low Mid High Deluxe
J$1000-2500 J$2500-3500 J$3500-4500 J$4500+

Average Meal Prices

Low Mid High  
J$120-300 J$300-800 J$800-1200



Most of the city bank branches throughout Jamaica have 24-hour automated teller machines (ATMs) linked to international networks such as Cirrus or Plus. In more remote areas, look for ATMs at gas stations.


It's a wise idea to always have some 'J' on hand throughout your island visit. Carry small bills: it can be hard to get change for any note over J$100. US dollars are widely accepted, but you'll be given change in Jamaican dollars. Almost any commercial entity will change dollars for you.

Credit cards

Major credit cards are widely accepted throughout the island. To report lost or stolen credit cards from Jamaica, call American Express (800-877-3060), MasterCard (800-307-7309) or Visa (800-847-2911).


Virtually every town and village has at least one licensed moneychanger. They offer rates slightly lower than banks and charge a processing fee of between 2% and 5% of the transaction. All kinds of outlets operate as 'cambios, ' including supermarkets and general stores.

Traveler's checks

Traveler's checks are widely accepted in Jamaica, although some hotels, restaurants and exchange bureaus charge a hefty fee for cashing them.

Immediately report lost traveler's checks to American Express (in the USA 800-221-7282, in Jamaica 800-877-3060) or Thomas Cook (800-223-7373).

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