¡Hola! My name is Rocio and I was born and grew up in Cusco, Peru and I currently live in San Sebastian, Cusco, with the kids of the Albergue. I’m the youngest of 2 brothers and one sister. Since 8 years ago I have been living in the Albergue where I help working with kids and also serve time in the office because I also have skills as a secretary, accountant and information specialist. I speak Spanish as my first language, Quechua (I learned when I was a child with my grandmother, but now I practice with the kids of the Albergue) and English (I learned 3 years ago studying in a language center). I have worked in a High School teaching English where my students speak more Quechua than Spanish. It is interesting and gratifying work helping kids that need so much. I enjoy listening to different kinds of music, I love dances, and I enjoy helping our special community kids. I’m waiting for you in the Albergue!


"Rocio made this trip so special. You can see how much the children adore her and she loves the,. She went out of her way to show us not onlyl the sites, but to giveus a glimpse into the culture. We went to Palm Sunday Mass, the procession of Senor de los Temblores, markets, a home for dinner, and a student's home to help make a clay stove. She is a special person."  - Donna Kaylor, March 2013

"Rocio did a great job of showing us around. Our time was maximized. Rocio does a wonderful job of caring for the kids and ensuring that they learn and gain valuable skills. We were graciously welcomed by all those we encountered"  - Jeff Roberts, March 2013 

"I had more than enough free time, the food was great (many thanks to señora Alicia!). During my free time I went to beautiful places, all well arranged by the volunteer coordinator (Rocio)." -Marta Carvalheiro, September 2012

"Rocio was great at providing context and information. Fernando and Rocio really tried to give us what we wanted. We got to see the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu thanks to them."  - Volunteer, August 2012

"Rocio was an amazing conduit to the Andean culture." - Astrid Hagen, June 2012

"Everyone in the albergue made me feel welcome in their hearts and their home." April McCarthy-Morgan, April 2012

"I thought our local program coordinator, Rocio, was remarkable." Nicole Rubin, November 2011

 "I was surprised at how close I felt to Rocio, the program director. She works so hard and is so much to so many people!" - Aimee Little, November 2011

"Rocio went out of her way to make sure that we saw the sights of Cusco. She was awesome and so were all of the others that we worked with." - Melissa Klein, June 2011

"The best part of the trip was meeting the children and Rocio." - Claudia B. Geiger, April 2011

"After an hour of knowing Rocio, we instantly felt what was important to her was worth anything. Rocio was very informative about everything we had planned each day." - Kate Watts, September 2010

"Rocio was a  fantastic and patient host." - Volunteer, June 2010

"The children and the staff members that work in the home are so humble and their hospitality was such a blessing to my life." - Angelina Semino, May 2010


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