jessicaI was born in New Jersey but I tell everyone I'm from New England. I suspect that is because I feel like a New Englander down to my toes. My ties to the area are great, however. I spent the 1st 25 summers of my life on Cape Cod, graduated from the University of Massachusetts (BA Elementary Education) and Wheelock College in Boston (MS in Education) and worked as a flight attendant for Air New England (now Air No Longer) every summer during college and after graduation. Today, after living in Texas for 22 years I suppose one might call me a Texan, but anyone familiar with the state knows you're not a true Texan unless you were born here. I have spent 20 years working with children in hospitals and the last 2 as a kindergarten teacher in Corpus Christi, my home since 1985. I have a Master's Degree in counseling and in a few years I hope to be working as a school counselor. I volunteered as a mediator at the local courthouse for 17 years and loved it, but mediations are now scheduled during the day so I had to give it up. For fun I read, play the piano, cook, and play tennis. One of the highlights of my life so far was my experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras in the early 80s (one week before I left the US Newsweek magazine's cover asked, "Honduras: The next Vietnam?" Not one of my family suggested I stay home!). The impact it had on me was enormous and although it has been more than 20 years, the memories of my life in Gracias ("Thanksville" the Honduras called it"they had had quite a few volunteers over the years) and my travels to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico afterward are crystal clear. I am very excited about visiting Costa Rica again with Globe Aware volunteers and discovering its magic. 

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