Photo VolTravis1I was born in Ontario, Canada in a town named Renfrew, population just under 10,000. It was from this small setting that my desire to see the world was born. Growing up I was admittedly a ‘Map Nerd’ and could recite a number of countries and capitals at a young age. My favorite subject in middle school was Geography but it was my skills in math and science that excelled me to the University of Ottawa, where I majored in Software Engineering at Canada’s only officially bilingual University. Recently, I spent 10 months traveling South-East Asia and Australia, an experience I will never forget. In Thailand I had a chance to spend time living and learning from the Karen Hill Tribes near the Myanmar border. In Vietnam, I travel to visit the Sapa Hill Tribes in the north, and to see how families lived in the Mekong Delta in the south. In Australia, I traveled for 21 days across the Australian Outback learning about the culture and heritage of the Aboriginal people who live in the vast Northern Territory. Being of Native Indian decent myself (Metis band) I have strong interest in the indigenous peoples in the world and their struggles to exist in today's societies. My other travels have taken me to Cuba, across the Trans-Canada Highway from Vancouver to Montreal, and a brief stint in the extreme wilderness that is Texas! I currently work based out of Toronto, Ontario for a software company named Workbrain, Inc. I travel four-five days a week as a consultant, and have seen a large number of restaurants, hotels and airports all across North America. I'm very active in my companies culture, including volunteer opportunities such as United Way, Junior Achievements and Second Harvest. The opportunity to further my volunteer experience was the number one reason I became active in Globe Aware; being able to help people in developing countries is a winning situation for everyone involved. This summer I'm helping out with the Care for Cusco program - which means having a great time in Peru, and having a very positive affect on a number of very needy children at the same time! My team, the Liverpool Football club, lives by the motto "You'll Never Walk Alone", and that I try to keep with me in my everyday live; everything is more fun when you are with good company! I look forward to seeing you all!  

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