javierBorn and raised in a traveling family, I have pretty much been in motion my whole life. I have lived in Chile, Canada, Connecticut, Maryland, California, Montana (beautiful big sky country!), and Jordan in the middle-east. I have also traveled in Central, South, and North America,as well as Europe, the mid-east a little bit, and Bhutan and Thailand. Have my feet stopped itching yet? Not a chance, and I am now happy to be volunteering with Globe Aware in the remote and mystical burg of San Pedro de Casta. I'm an enthusiastic, out-going, life loving kind of guy, and am in the process of completing a Masters degree in Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis in Development Studies. Before I die I hope to at least set foot in all the continents (only Africa, Australia, and Antarctica to go),and preferably spend a good amount of time in each. I also hope to make some kind of difference in the world by helping people out in any way I can. I also have a passion for the study of the worlds religions and cultures,and strongly feel that there is something to be learned from every living thing on this planet, if only we take the time to listen.....I look forward to meeting y'all! 

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