adamhI am extremely interested in helping people and am intrigued by immersing myself in other cultures. Just to let you know a little about myself, I graduated from the University of Kansas in May, 2004, with a double major in Spanish and also International Studies (with an emphasis in Cultural Anthropology). I made the decision to complete my Spanish degree after spending 5 months in 2002 studying in Ronda, Spain. My experience was incredible there! I fell in love with living in such a different culture and being able to communicate with a community that came from such a different background. The following summer (2003) I traveled to Puebla, Mexico, and took classes at La Universidad de Las Américas .. Then, after classes had ended, a friend and I loaded our backpacks and headed south, first stopping Chiapas, to admire the rich cultural diversity those communities posses. My travels through Mexico were paramount and also the foundation for my eventual decision to major in International Studies. Thus, through these classes and my exposure to the situations facing the people in these regions, I became infatuated with the Latin culture and have since aspired to return there. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many destinations all over the world, from Jamaica to the Netherlands and down to Morocco , always making it a priority to visit the smaller towns/villages to get a pure taste of the culture in these various regions. While living in Lawrence, Kansas (where the university is situated), I enjoyed volunteering my free time to two separate organizations. The first, Natural Ties, I participated by taking a mentally handicapped citizen of the community out to dinner once a week. After grabbing a bite to eat, we would then go to a planned activity where all Ties were included. For most Ties (and ours included) this was the ONLY social exposure they experienced. This volunteer position taught me patience and my relationship with our Tie was symbiotic. My other volunteer experience (and passion) is at the Humane Society where I continue to spend free time when it is available. The Humane Society, like many, houses unwanted/run away animals. I have a deep appreciation for animals and I feel like this experience shows that we a s humans have to take responsibility and help all of earths’ creatures out as needed (a la Bob Barker). I have no doubt that this experience in Peru will have positive residual affects long after we depart and hope you have a safe voyage down…. Happy travels! 

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