haoI was born in Saigon (currently Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam, but left the country at a young age. I grew up in Dallas, Texas and consider it my hometown. All my education was done in Texas. Before residing in California for the past three years, I spent four years teaching biology at a small university in Martin, Tennessee. I'm an avid skier so being so close to Lake Tahoe is absolutely wonderful. I have traveled to a few places the last few years, including four trips to Vietnam. Two of the trips to Vietnam were for vacation and one was with a group of volunteer health professionals who treated underprivileged patients. I was also invited to teach at both Ha Noi University of Technology and Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, University of Natural Sciences. All four trips were an absolutely joy and I can't wait to return to do some more volunteer work. En route to Vietnam, I also spent a couple of days in Hong Kong and Bangkok. That is the extent of my travel in Southeast Asia. I have also had the pleasure of trekking through part of Europe, including France, England, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria. In the Americas, Brazil and Canada have been visited. While living in Tennessee, I volunteered to build houses for Habitat for Humanity. I do have a valid passport that is good for another five years. I am available between 25Jun2005 and at least 10Jul2005. I would absolutely love the chance to go back to Vietnam and volunteer my time and energy. I can speak fluent Vietnamese and have traveled extensive through the country. I always welcome the chance to give back to society. 

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