marioOur principal Costa Rica-based coordinator is Mario Mora Perez. Mario is a longtime El Sur resident, with a wonderful wife, Lourdes, and 2 kids, Alejandra and Daniella. Alejandra is just starting school. He is one of the residents most affected by the current economic situation in the village and he truly enjoys leading efforts toward a better future for the community. He's a bit shy, but very kind, and loves to tell you about the glorious nature around you. Mario was born in Costa Rica in small town called Lanas de Puriscal, not too far away from our town, El Sur. There he spent most of his life until he moved in 1990 to El Sur. Mario is a testament to the environment. He cares very deeply for his surroundings and loves nothing more than teaching others how to care for those things around them. Mario is quite environmentally aware, and incorporates his awareness into everyday life. This means that Mario enjoys cleaning up around him, making sure everything is neat and that all trash is picked up. He absolutely loves treating our volunteers with great respect and introducing them to his environment whenever we schedule trips to El Sur. Mario loves his work, and wants nothing more than to do what’s best by it. 

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