Though I am now an American citizen, I was born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico in a small city named “Valles.” The surrounding area is called “La Huasteca” and is known for its verdant life, it’s green mountains, and its stiff traditions. I travel frequently to Mexico.

I would say the best thing about Mexico is how natural it is. I love the mountains, the valleys, and the incredible amount of rivers. Life seems just so open there. Most people spend don’t their time cooped up in their houses, but out, visiting neighbors, walking the plazas, and even just sitting on their front porches, “shooting the breeze.” This absolutely enchants me. I feel blessed to have been brought up in a bilingual environment.

I am devoted to learning about other cultures, such as that of Mexico. So it’s a good fit for me to work with Globe Aware. I think the tourist view of a country is fine, but the reality is where the real beauty, and the real challenges lie. Knowing the itty-bitty nuances.

My life is based now in Dallas, Texas. I was essentially raised and educated there. While working with Globe Aware, I am also working toward a degree in International Business, with an emphasis on trade relations. I have worked in various roles at Globe Aware, as a bookkeeper, translator and all around communicator. And I’m looking forward to working with all my volunteers abroad!

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