Laura T.


Born and raised in the great state of New Jersey, I have had a people-passion my whole life. I graduated from Rutgers University (GO RU!!) with highest honors in both of my majors-- psychology and religion. I think these areas are a fair reflection of my earnest desire to better understand the people living with me in our world. Although I plan on pursuing my doctorate in clinical psychology, it is my deep love for understanding the cultures and beliefs of other people that led me to Globe Aware.

While still in high school, I had the opportunity to travel all over Europe with a national choir group; an experience meant to unite us cross-culturally through the international medium of music. It was here that I caught the "travel bug" and have been something of a gypsy ever since.
Some recent interetsing experiences I have had included spending the better part of the summer and fall of 2007 sailing in Penobscot Bay, Maine as a volunteer on the wooden boat Grace Bailey. In the middle of November, I joined the crew of the Appledore and headed south to Key West. The experience of traveling over 2100 miles in the North Atlantic, on a wooden boat, IN THE WINTER!, certainly taught me a thing or two about both independence and working as a member of a well-organized team.

I have been volunteering in community capacities for most of my life and love the humble joy it provides. I hope to share some of that joy with the volunteers I meet and spread it to the community in which we are working. My greatest hope for the time I spend with Globe Aware is to have the volunteers leave with fond memories of their host country, and give the hosts a refreshing view of Americans. It is these feelings of goodwill that allow the potential for real growth and understanding for all of us. I am excited to be part of the Globe Aware team and can hardly wait to meet new volunteers!!

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