Costa Rica Readings

Costa Rica - A Traveler's Literary Companion, edited by Barabara Ras, is an excellent compendium of 26 short stories by 20th-century Costa Rican writers.

The Costa Ricans by Richard Biesanz et al provides a historical perspective on Costa Rica's political and social change.

Costa Rica: A Country Guide edited by Marc Edelman & Joanne Kenen is an anthology covering sociopolitical issues.

The Rivers of Costa Rica: A Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting Guide by Michael W Mayfield & Rafael E Gallo is for river-sports enthusiasts.

Costa Rican Natural History by Daniel H Janzen is an encyclopedic introduction for those interested in biology.

When New Flowers Bloomed is a collection of stories by women writers from Costa Rica and Panama.

La Loca de Gandoca by Anacristina Rossi is a conservation-related novel by a prize-winning tica novelist.

The country makes a surprising appearance in PJ O'Rourke's malevolently funny Holidays in Hell.

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