Spiritual Church Temple Groups

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Church, Temple, Synagogue, Prayer & other Spiritual Groups

Does your church, synagogue, temple or prayer group regularly engage in service abroad? Perhaps you can’t go when your group usually offers its programs or you are interested in going to a location your group has not yet explored. Globe Aware has tailored many service programs specifically for such spiritual groups and can further incorporate other elements in which your group has interest. Our programs typically last one week or more and offer a unique way to make a global impact.

healthguide3Globe Aware programs do not actively engage in conversion or proselytizing. However, we do encourage organic exchange and discussion about spiritual beliefs in an informal setting.

Globe Aware organizes groups of up to 200 per location but generally needs at least three months advance notice to adequately plan. Our organization provides a coordinator per every 15 volunteers so each participant has ready access to a translator and guide on project work. Groups of 10 people or more receive a 10 percent discount.

In most locations, we can provide access to a place for spiritual gathering or meditation. Food can also generally be prepared in accordance with religious practice, though we do have locations where procuring 100 percent kosher food is difficult. Whether you practice Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam or are of a different faith, our programs offer an enlightening and often humbling experience for all involved. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn about how faith is practiced in other cultures while giving back in a meaningful way. Please contact us for help in planning a once-in-a-lifetime volunteer vacation for your group.

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