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With decades of experience leading groups around the world on short-term volunteer experiences, we create and manage volunteer abroad solutions for groups from 5 to 500 participants. Choose from experiences already created or speak with us to craft and tailor a project to the specific goals of your corporate or foundation group.  Globe Aware has no political or religious affiliation and require no specific skillset. We create opportunities for your staff to give back in a significant way, and within a safe setting. These experiences also serve as meaningful team building experiences. All Globe Aware programs are intended to provide a win-win-win:

  • The local community is able to better stand on its own two feet
  • The participating staff feel uplifted at the real impact they provide
  • The participating staff enjoys a greater understanding of diverse culture, global perspectives and appreciation for their own standard of living
  • The sponsoring corporation or foundation enjoys higher employee retention, easier recruitment, and enhanced brand imaging

While our programs are short term, our continued and regular presence within the community means we can usually build upon prior projects and ensure that past projects are maintained. We have a diverse portfolio of project offerings, from building classrooms for special needs kids in Mexico, to assembling wheelchairs for landmine victims in Cambodia, installing concrete floors in the homes of single mothers in Guatemala, building a community center for the marginalized Roma in Romania.


  • 87% of our corporate volunteers under the age of 40 say the volunteer abroad programs were a major factor that led them to choose their employer
  • 92% of staff managers say returned volunteers showed improved engagement and commitment to their work
  • 75% of staff managers say they noticed significant uptick in their staff ability to manage diverse perspectives

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  • Teams may travel to one location and work on one or several shared projects
  • Staff may choose on their own which program best suits him or her
  • Programs can allow other family members to join or not
  • Duration varies from 4 days to 2 weeks
  • Group size, depending on location, can handle from 5 to 500 volunteers at once
  • Funds toward the program are treated as any other donation to a charitable organization
  • Private label experience to your corporation

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Whether you call them service vacations, pro bono engagement, service abroad, corporate volunteer impact programs, international community service, workplace volunteering, voluntourism, citizen diplomacy, volunteer vacations, or whether you are able to participate in a named ICV program such as PepsiCorps, Vivint Gives Back, Pulse Volunteer Partnerships, Google Reach, Dow Sustainability Corps, Symantec Global Corporate Responsibility, IB< People Development Service Area, IBM Corporate Service Corps, Googlers Give, SAP Social Sabbatical Programs, PULSE at Glaxo Smith Kline, Bankers without Borders, Doctors Without Borders, Solaraid, Global Education Initiative, Joint Initiative for Village Advancement John Deere or an offshoot of your company’s Corporate Responsibility department, we hope that you will find a way to engage through your company and the wider world for a better future.

Employees that frequently volunteer with their company are more likely on the whole, to feel a strong sense of connection and a sense of belonging at work.

By participating in a Globe Aware program, your employees will improve their leadership skills as they participate on various team-building projects.

They will return with experience in working with people from other cultures, as well as having gained a broader perspective and renewed humbleness, all while enhancing your corporate image and reputation.

Benefits of a corporate volunteering program

Learn how Voluntourism Will Boost Your Career

All costs are tax deductible and are a non taxable benefit to the employee.

Our programs benefit not only the corporation and employee, but also leave a lasting impact on the local community.

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Help your employees become dynamic leaders as they work on various team-building projects

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A recent study about employee engagement showed that those who volunteer with their company are twice as likely to rate their corporate culture as positive, in how proud they are to work for the organization, how loyal they feel towards the organization, and more satisfied with their career progression, therefore strongly impacting employee retention.

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