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Globe Aware's program fee covers mandatory medical insurance/evacuation insurance for international programs. Should you need to cancel your participation on short notice, GlobeAware suggests you purchase trip cancellation insurance, which most travel agents can help you with. It is important that you realize that Globe Aware cannot be responsible for the terms and conditions of the travel agency with whom you make your travel arrangements. Therefore, if the airline makes any changes or cancellations for any reason whatsoever, or if the airline imposes any related penalties, Globe Aware cannot be held responsible.
Any travel comes with certain risks, and travel with Globe Aware is no different. Of course all reasonable precautions will be made to prevent any dangers. If at any time a volunteer feels that he or she is not comfortable with any given activity, he or she may freely abstain.
Travel to different countries mean that conditions will vary — sometimes quite significantly — from those in the United States. These reasons are some of the primary reasons volunteers are drawn to Globe Aware adventures, but can also be the basis for possible risks. For example, the condition of roads, infrastructure (such as phone lines, water lines, etc) and hygiene conditions, are likely to differ from, and often be considered inferior to, those found in the volunteers' home. In addition, Globe Aware cannot be held responsible for forces of God, war, public transportation, level of medical service, availability of medical treatment and medical personnel, political stability, and the like.
The volunteers should also be aware that environmental conditions may provide certain challenges to some. For example, higher altitudes in some locales may mean volunteers with difficulty breathing may find it even more difficult in new climes. For those with sensitivity to dryness, certain climates may be uncomfortable.
In some countries, it is a good idea to get vaccinations prior to your trip. The Center for Disease Control will give you up to date recommendations as well: see These suggestions will be in your orientation packet, and volunteers are solely responsible for getting and paying for these. In addition, each volunteer needs to access his or her medical needs, and overall health prior to joining in a Globe Aware adventure.
*We want to keep creating amazing volunteer experiences for you. Since 2022, currency fluctuation and inflation of fuel prices have made secure pricing less predictable. We cannot rule out the need for a fuel surcharge, should there be an extraordinary spike. That said, we have never had to do this.
I agree to volunteer to and participate in this program with Globe Aware. I understand that Globe Aware and its volunteers assume no liability for any personal harm or illness or for loss or damage of any property that may come to me while serving as a volunteer, and I, my heirs, and my personal representatives and assigns, hereby absolve Globe Aware, its staff, and volunteers and hold them harmless from any claim or demand that I, my heirs, my personal representatives or assigns might conceivably assert for any such harm, illness, loss or damage. I intend to be legally bound by this statement.

Right now only your non-refundable deposit of 50% is required to reserve your place. 70 days prior to your program start date, the remaining balance is due.


Take care in choosing your program location and dates. If your plans change, you can cancel. You will get a 100% refund, less a non-refundable deposit of $500 if you cancel at least 70 days prior to the program’s start date. After 70 days it costs us to replace you because we have sent advances from your contributions to the community. You may elect to apply 100% of the deposit or any funds you have submitted to another program within 12 months of the original program start date. No penalty fee will be assessed if we have not yet sent funds for field costs. However, timing is important. Please contact our office to check when field costs will be sent for your particular program. No changes are allowed less than 45 days before the program, by that time field costs have already been sent. If you would like to transfer a second time, there is an additional $150 change fee per participant in addition to any difference in the minimum contribution fee. The deposit portion of your program fee is never refundable, unless Globe Aware has to cancel a program. In the rare and unlikely event that Globe Aware has to cancel a program, you will receive a 100% refund, including your deposit. If you cancel 31 to 69 days prior to your program start date, you will receive a 60% refund of the minimum contribution fee, less your non-refundable deposit. If you reschedule you will receive no refund, you will have one year from the original program date to apply the funds to another program. If you cancel 7 to 30 days before your program start date, you will receive a 25% refund of the minimum contribution fee less your non refundable deposit. If you cancel less than 7 days from the program start date, you will receive no refund. By this time the money has been implemented into a specific project or program.

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