Project meant a lot to the whole community

I could tell that the work that I put into the project meant a lot to the whole community. Seeing how thankful they are for the bit I was able to help and their happiness with the final product makes me feel that it is indeed meaningful. Normally I would work and/or do activities for most of the morning. Afterwards I would have some down time during the heat of the day after lunch. Then I would work some more, and then by 4 I would have the rest of the evening to play soccer, relax, hang out with locals, etc. I felt that it was the perfect blend of work/play. The food was beyond delicious. Although I eat hardly anything while I'm there (my guess is due to climate), they wanted to feed me all day, every day. The families opened up their homes and made more than enough food for me, delicious food that I've been constantly craving since my return.

    I could write for days and days about the effect El Sur and Costa Rica have had on my views towards my culture, their culture and life in general. They live so simply, yet they have the most beautiful culture I've ever witnessed. They are happy and accommodating and loving to no end. It amazes me how Costa Ricans treat everyone like family and really care about their community. Getting to work with the community is really wonderful. Getting away from internet and computers and being surrounded by wonderful, happy people is a novel experience for me. I wish it was more like this in America. I also understand Costa Rican culture a lot more now, as well as the Spanish language. I've really fallen in love with the people of El Sur and their beautiful community. The Globe Aware program is incredible and has really impacted my life. I am already saving up money and planning for the next possible chance to get to Costa Rica. No doubt that I will be returning back there for the rest of my life. - Volunteer, July 2012

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