Cuba Testimonials

A good use of our time and donations

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Our trip to Cuba was great. We learned a lot about Cuban culture and had to time to understand the struggles that they face. The projects were very well selected and we felt like it was a good use of our time and donations. Accommodations were good. The couple that…

Beyond extraordinary

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The coordinator's attention was beyond extraordinary. While there were some cultural differences, it was clear that he felt responsible for me in a very supportive way. His attention to detail meant that I traveled in every form of transportation available to experience them all, that I visited every requested destination,…

An experience that I will treasure for a long time

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I felt the work project was meaningful. Just to spend time with the abuelas was what the director indicated was needed. I also learned to play Cuban dominoes and was a teammate to the house champion. It was a rewarding experience and I felt we interacted well. I especially felt…
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