Jimbo Culter

Jimbo Culter - Artist/Construction Worker More Information on Journey's of the Heart from Concrete Pictures I just got off the train from Machu Picchu. There are no words to describe the experience. So I'll just try to do some computer web site later on. Disappointed the group was ready to leave after a half day I made 3 days out of it. (not really it's just a stretch of time). It was probably a good thing we left when we did. (damn I hate this CRAP they play in this cafe.) I was already warned not to rock out on top of the walls which I was (ac/dc would be proud). So one more warning and I would be escorted out. So I took my own spiritual tour. The girl I was with had to goooooo baddddddddd, so we went to the road less taken and beaten found a cave and handled business. The trail soon disappeared. It's all terraced land in cut sections for crops ya know? So instead of goin' back I thought it would be a grand idea to go down this cliff to the next level and take it from there. Half way down ! I decided to take the packs and place them on a ledge. Mine first. When I go to reach for hers, the pack plummets to the next level hoping it would stop...it didn't (may I remind you how steep these mountains are and I'm on the back side of MP where no one else is) it tumbled off the last piece of MP AND DOWN INTO THIS DENSE FOREST...caught by a tree. Cliffs below. So being that's all my cash camera pics passport train ticket just about all the tangibles you don't want to land deep in this jungle. So I take the challenge and attempt moves that would have y'all pissin out your eyes. I got it. Come on you know me. On the way back this rock that sticks out the side of the mountain. It's a screamin, face that looks out to the valley (which was covered in a thick fog........some were weather mad......how many time do you see the mystic side of walkin fog) any who I imitated this rock. Let out a yell. It was the most body movin echo you could ever hear. These mountains are miles apart! So all things happen for a reason...I believe that I saw a sacred spot that no one ever gets to see. I know this cuz your not aloud to be where I was. It was only next to the rock that this happens. Just a few feet away and it won't work. AWESOME So all belongings are safe as well as myself. Later I hiked to the highest peak of WANNU PICHU ( cant spell sure ya can tell) which looks down on MP. Leaped a 90-degree gap with a wall in the way which was a second warnin' so it was a good thing I made my way back to the less adventurous group who was waitin' for 3 of us. Well 30m seconds and I'm over peace. jimbo
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